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~These are my projects~

"Yo Soy LGBT" A mexican iniciative by the LGBTTTI community to incentivate information, tolerance and respect for diversity. (...)

All Access

All Access gives you the best experience with your favorite artists! Come and take advantage of our unique content. (...)

Take Over the Night

"Apoderate de la Noche" is not only your guide to night clubbing in Mexico City, but also your tool to conquer it. (...)

Tag Feed

W.I.P. A simple, moduled and 100% customizable way to retrieve blog feeds by user defined tags. (...)

QR Magic

W.I.P. Tired of the need to remember dozens of different user and passwords? Try our magic! (Proof of concept). (...)


62% of Mexico's high school students are forced to drop out. This is our proposal to help them! Presented and Microsoft's Design Expo 2010. (...)

Pics & Treats

Photo-Manipulation, Illustration & 3D! A well blended mix showing some of my work. (...)


Spread the word! If more people know how to create things, we all get better. I've given courses on Online Marketing at the Interactive Economy Museum. (...)

Take Over the Night

Web Application / Marketing Campaign

"Yo soy LGBT" Is an iniciative to figt against discrimination against the LGBTTTI community by propagating information. It has three channels, facebook, twitter and a website. In the website, which is permanently under development, users are able to find tools that aid them to find places where the LGBT community is accepted and mark those where they are not. The knowledge database of this places is completely self sustainable by the community itself.

What I did

This project was created from scratch by Alma Rodríguez and I. We created this non-lucrative iniciative because we firmly believe it is responsibility of every human being to help the society we live on. We want to give our help, as small as it is, to make this world a better place than that which was given to us.

We both worked in several parts of the project, although she worked more on the graphic design and I did more on the user interface, database administration and the development of the tools used inside the website, like the interactive map.

Project 2 Title

Social Network

An integral project that takes the concept of a radio station and applies it to the world wide web through various media, including but not limited to promotions, special events with artists both online and offline.

On the Internet All Access was at the same time a blog, a Facebook page and a Stand Alone Social Network.

What I did

I was involved in All Access since it was first imagined on October 2011. Although I was not responsible for the graphic design, my duty was to make sure the graphic designer's ideas became possible in the front-end environment... without cheating with flash. For example, creating the effect of a moving street on the background of the Home Page while the user browses the website. I was the only coder on the website, which includes a 100% scalable structure of both content and users; and the security behind user sessions, for which I created my own security php module to manage the database connections.

All in all, if I am not particularly proud of the website's graphic design, but I am of the infrastructure behind it, which was in constant growth until Ieft the company.

Take Over the Night

Web Application / Marketing Campaign

"Apoderate de la Noche" Is a marketing activation for "Stefano Cosmo" a local deodorant from Colgate. The digital side of the project is a website that helps you connect to the night life in Mexico City through different tools that include a nightlife ranking game, a map of nightclubs, a calendar of events and a picture rating game.

What I did

I was involved in this project since it's conception and strategic design in August 2011. Furthermore, I was the responsible for coding the map application and the picture rating game.

I am very proud of this map as it solves in quite a clever recursive AJAX call a dynamic loading of each marker in the map at the same time it provides information in real time from the FourSquare API about how many people have checked in at a specific place.

It was also my responsibility to gather all the information the map uses, which I did by building a code to Data Mine public resources from different websites, filter and organize them into my Database. It is no surprise one of my projects in-the-oven includes this web app.

Project 4 Title

W.I.P. Independent Project

Sometimes I get to create things just because I feel like it. This is one of them, which although is still under construction, I belive has the potential to become big quickly. A web tool that allows you to get a real time feed of blogs based on your interests. No more hunting around for blogs, no more following blogs for that single post every few months. Although this WIP Demo is built around the HackerNews API, it is made to be 100% scalable to scrap any feed easily, all divided into short jQuery based modules.

What I did

This is a completely personal project of mine, there is nothing I want here but solving an issue I have constantly. I love reading blogs, but I don't like following the same authors; hence I use feeds that do the ranking of blog posts for me. However such feeds are not perfect, they are segregated and often do not speak about the specific topics I'm interested in. This is why I began working on this tool that will help me, and anyone else with the same issue, suffer no more.
As a personal challenge, the project uses nothing but JS with jQuery and has to be fully scalable and CSS customizable.

Project 5 Title

W.I.P. Independent Project

I am very excited about the rising use of new technology. And the use of QR codes by every day users and it's application to marketing is no different.

This idea is the backbone of two personal projects in-the-oven, which include coding as a back-end service (AKA APIs). You can try it out by clicking the picture below, please be aware this is only a Proof of Concept and might be glitchy on Internet Explorer.

What I did

As you can see, the code I developed through a combination of AJAX and PHP techniques allows me to know not only when the QR code has been read, but also who read it and register the phone for later use.

In further versions this code will be capable of securely identifying a registered user who wishes to, for example, log in to a web application without bothering to remember or type his credentials.


Graduation Project

If I had to say only one thing about Kueponi it would probably be "This was such a great and fulfilling project". One which gathered the best students I've worked with and allowed us to create a design solution to one of our country's biggest issues. Not only Kueponi gave us the chance to present our project during Microsoft Design Expo 2010, but also to grow personally and professionally with a project that gathered different branches of design and got them to work together.

Presentation Video. - Website with Further Details.

What I did

Under the topic "Where Service meets Social" María José Saint Martin, Valeria Narro and I developed the concept that would be selected against three other projects to be presented at Microsoft. It was a four month research about high school drop outs, sociology and pedagogy which lead us to present Kueponi as a proposal to help children who are forced to drop-out from high school.

After Kueponi was selected, a bigger team gathered, including Marianne Giesemann and Pablo Mora. With this new team we rebuilt Kueponi and prepared one of the presentations I have been more proud of in my life.

My involvement in this project included a wide range of activities, from researching out on the field and in campus, design of several presentations and websites with project details as María José, Valeria and I built the first phase of the project, design of the script that was used in the final presentation at Microsoft and the introduction video that came with it.

Nothing in this project was done alone, it was all team work and it couldn't have turned out better. For the final project, Marianne designed and produced the final graphics for the project and presentation, María José and I designed the introduction video; she manipulated the images and I animated it.

Photoshop + Illustration + 3D Goodies

Photoshop + Illustration + 3D Goodies

A small collection of some of my work. Different techniques were used with each picture, most of them as personal projects. The first image shows a motion reel with a wider range of projects.

What I did

These projects were generated with Photoshop, After Effects, Maya, Kopek Markers and Charcoal. Each of them, except the soccer ball, the camera and the violin, use footage I created myself. The Night at the museum render is a remodeled scene which I framed, texturized, lightened, rendered and post-produced. You can find more Video and Post-production examples in my YouTube.


Teaching and Mentoring

I firmly believe that knowledge is not something to be kept for one alone. Especially not in the world we live in. I know that I am able to create what I do thanks to those who didn't keep the knowledge to themselves and, at least on the technical side, specially thanks to open source projects. This is why I take pride when I get the opportunity to help others understand what I do and learn how to do it too.

What I did

I currently teach, for the second time, a "Web Development" diplomature (10 students, 90+ hours) at SAE Institute of Technology, campus Mexico, which has given great results. At this university I have also taught Web Design and Photoshop for Undergrads (81 hours).
In three occasions I have given a 20 hour course on "Online Marketing for small and medium businesses" at the Interactive Economy Museum in Mexico City <MIDE> (20-30 attendees each) Click for Slides.
In November 2012 I was invited to the Start up Weekend in Pachuca, Hidalgo. Where I coached entrepeneurs develop their start up projects in three non-stop days.